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The Culture Club

Inspired by working with a group of young children during our 2011 production of The Merry Wives Of Windsor, Artistic Director Terri Brabon created this unique holiday experience for grades 4-6, to expose young minds to the wonders of William Shakespeare.

Using a Shakespearean play as a basis for expression, the children spend a week guided through a variety of art forms including theatre, dance, music and visual art to explore the themes and characters written by the greatest playwright that ever lived.

Each year, the Culture Club Team combine Education Professionals with various professionals from their chosen artistic field.

2017 Team
Kellie Esling Team Leader
Emma Lamberton Assistant Team Leader
Terri Brabon Culture Coach (Drama)
Michael Gleeson Culture Coach (Music)
T.B.A. Culture Coach (Visual Art)
T.B.A. Culture Coach (Dance)
Course Fee: $290 for 4 Day Workshop
Includes: Complimentary Culture Club Shirt
2 x Complimentary Tickets to Shakespeare Under the Stars
1 x Complimentary Ticket to Alice in Wonderland
Dates and Venue
Dates: June 26th – June 29th
Times: 8.45am – 3.30pm Daily
Venue:. St. Joseph's Catholic School
Ross River Road, Mundingburra
ShowCase: Thursday June 29th @ 4:00pm
  All parents and family are invited to watch the ShowCase and stay for light refreshments after.
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