The Bridge Project

TheatreiNQ is justly proud of our Training Division, The Bridge Project, which aims to steer regional talent towards a career in the professional industry.

Devised by Terri Brabon and Brendan O'Connor, The Bridge Project is a unique place-and-train model developed by theatre professionals for the development of young, emerging performing artists. The training package incorporates structured learning, immersion training, one-on-one mentoring and informal learning opportunities.

What makes The Bridge Project unique is the variety of opportunities TheatreiNQ offers and the personal attention every 'Bridgee' receives. Members of the program are set up to succeed and are supported every step of the way by industry professionals.

Former Bridge Project members are always considered part of the TheatreiNQ family and continue to be mentored through the next phases of their training and/or careers, whilst offering mentorship to the next generation of Bridge Project Actors. Many of our graduates have gone on to further study at NIDA, WAAPA, Griffith University, The Actors' Centre, 16th Street and are proudly carving themselves professional careers.

Bridge Project Overview Here

Training Staff
Director / Founder
Programme Co-Ordinator
Careers Mentor
Production & Understudy Secondments
Scene Studies / Stage Craft
Expand Your World / Life as an Actor
Careers Mentor
Production Secondments
The Physical Actor / Voice Training for Actors
Actions for Actors / Audition Monologues
First Year - Bridge Intensive
Stage Management Secondments
Grant Application Workshop Facillitator
First Year - Show Reel Director
Anne-Marie Smith
Financial Co-Ordinator
Managing The Media Mentor
John Robertson
Showreel Producer/Editor
Headshot Photographer
Front Of House Secondments
Current Members of The Bridge Project
Company Apprentice
Paris Walsh
Sessions Series
Byron Howell Elyse Phelan Jacob McCarthy
Foundation Year
Emma  Benson Jake  Muhling
Finn Newsway Harlee Timms
Foundation Year (Technical)
Heath Roberts
Guest Mentors (Vary From Year To Year)
Acting To Camera (2013)
Mainstage/Viewpoints/Career Q&A (2013 & 2014)
Mainstage/Physical Training/Singing Workshop (2013-2014)
Career Q&A (2012)
Finding Your Process (2012)
Mainstage Director / Sessions Masterclass / Career Q&A (2016)
Career Q&A (2016)
Mainstage/Career Q&A (2015)
Phil Lambert
Mainstage / Sessions Masterclass (2017)
Mainstage / Sessions Masterclass (2017)
Mainstage/Acting To Camera/Career Q&A (2015)
Finding Your Process (2012)
Career Q&A (2016)
Mainstage / Sessions Masterclass / Career Q&A (2016)
Mainstage / Sessions Masterclass / Career Q&A (2016)
Career Q&A (2015)
Acting To Camera (2012)
Mainstage (2013)
Stage Combat (2014)
Audition Workshop (2012 & 2015)
Past Members of The Bridge Project
Christian Agapiou (2015--2016) Samantha Kennedy (2015)
Faduma Ali (2015) Emma Lamberton (2013--2016)
Jackson Arthy (2016) Emma Montafia (2014)
Ross Bourne (2016) Sarah Murr (2012)
Meg Bowden (2013-2015) Chris Nobile ( Tech 2014 – 2015)
Spencer Cliff (2013) Rachel Nutchey (2015 – 2017)
Tamika Crane (2015) Jayden Popik (2012)
Michael Doris (2014) Joseph Raggatt (2013)
Emily Edwards (2013 – 2014) Thomas Roach (Tech 2014 – 2015)
Finn Forde (2016) Brittany Santariga (2012 – 2013)
Badai Flynn (2012) Liliana Stark (2016)
Lachlan Greenland (2015) Samara Sutton-Baker (2014) 
Joseph Hallows (2012) Alexander Thomas (2017)
Madeline Hillam (Tech 2015) James Thomasson (2012 – 2015)
Cameron Hooper (2012) Anna Wallace (2013 – 2014)
  Rachel Webb (2017)
Alumni Achievements
Meg Bowden QLD Shakespeare Ensemble Apprentice 2017 (Brisbane)
Emily Edwards NIDA Graduate (2017)
Finn Forde WAAPA – Bachelor of Performance (current)
Lachlan Greenland QLD Conservatorium of Music (current)
Madeline Hillam VCA – Bachelor of Fine Arts (Production) (current)
Cameron Hooper Consultant Mullinars Casting (Melbourne)
  WAAPA Graduate (2016)
Badaidilaga Maftuh ‐Flynn Actors Centre Sydney Graduate (2017)
Sarah Murr Les Miserables (Cameron Mackintosh)
  Candide (Opera Qld)
  QLD Conservatorium of Music Graduate (2015)
Rachel Nutchey QUT (current)
James Raggatt Assistant Director – STCSA / Belvoir Street (2017)
  NIDA Graduate (2015)
Joseph Raggatt NIDA Graduate (2016)
Thomas Roach Malthouse Theatre (Melbourne)
  Dancenorth Venue Tech Manager / Lighting Design
Brittany Santariga Home and Away
  WAAPA Graduate (2016)
  WAAPA – Chris Edmond Scholarship recipient (2016)
Liliana Starck American Academy of Dramatic Arts (New York) (current)
Lachlan Stevenson WAAPA – Bachelor of Acting (current)
Samara Sutton-Baker QUT Brisbane Graduate (2017)
James Thomasson WAAPA – Bachelor of Acting (current)

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