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June 25th
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Adult $30
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Under 18 $20
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TheatreiNQ Presents - Arthur Miller's "The Crucible"

A community gripped with fear and suspicion. Accusations fly and dark secrets are thrust into the light forcing old resentments to bleed afresh. An evil force is certainly at work in Salem but is it witchcraft? When a group of young girls are believed to have seen the Devil and his agents, suspicion is laid upon anyone they name and the Salem Witch Hunts begin. But can the judgement of the courts be trusted in a climate of hysteria and hidden agendas? And can the girls really be believed?

Set amidst the Salem Witch Hunts of 1692, THE CRUCIBLE is Arthur Miller's classic parable which is as relevant now as it was when he wrote it in response to the McCarthy trials of the 1950s. TheatreiNQ has once again brought together a formidable cast to bring this tale to life, led by Brendan O'Connor.

The Creative Team - Cast
Abigail Williams
Rev. Paris
Betty Paris
Susannah Walcott
Ann Putnam
Thomas Putnam
Robert Street
Mercy Lewis
Meg Bowden
Mary Warren
Anna Wallace
Lizzie Boothe
Emma Montafia
Sarah Hubbard
Samara Sutton-Baker
John Proctor
Rebecca Nurse
Beth Honeycombe
Giles Corey
Rod Wilson
Rev. Hale
Ruth Putnam
Taylah Smith
Elizabeth Proctor
Francis Nurse
Ray Dickson
Ezekiel Cheever
Marshall Herrick
John Robertson
Judge Hathorne
Judge Danforth
Michael Sams
Sarah Good
The Creative Team - Production
Director Terri Brabon
Set Design Brendan O'Connor
Set Design Robbie Esling
Set Design Andre Reynaud
Stage Manager Arminellle Fleming
Assistant Stage Manager Thomas Roach (The Bridge Project)
Assistant Stage Manager Lachlan Stevenson (The Bridge Project)
Sound Operator Arminellle Fleming
Lighting Operator Alex Moloney
Set Construction Brendan O'Connor
Costumes Kathy Brabon
Costume Assistant Kellie Esling
Costume Assistant Shai Regan
Props Susan Brabon
Props Assistant Meg Bowden
Props Assistant Emma Montafia
Musical Score Kerry Muzzey

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