• TheatreiNQ Presents - Romeo and Juliet
  • TheatreiNQ Presents - Romeo and Juliet
  • TheatreiNQ Presents - Romeo and Juliet
  • TheatreiNQ Presents - Romeo and Juliet
  • TheatreiNQ Presents - Romeo and Juliet
  • TheatreiNQ Presents - Romeo and Juliet
  • TheatreiNQ Presents - Romeo and Juliet
  • TheatreiNQ Presents - Romeo and Juliet
  • TheatreiNQ Presents - Romeo and Juliet
  • TheatreiNQ Presents - Romeo and Juliet
  • TheatreiNQ Presents - Romeo and Juliet
  • TheatreiNQ Presents - Romeo and Juliet
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Parties 6+
Optional Dinner
TheatreiNQ Presents - William Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet"

Forget everything you think you know! Romeo & Juliet was written for the stage and TheatreiNQ's exciting new production firmly reclaims Shakespeare's darkly romantic tragedy, back to the theatre where it belongs. From the same creative team that brought you last year's sell–out smash, Macbeth, this year's Shakespeare Under the Stars is destined to be a theatrical event not to be missed.

Directed by Terri Brabon with a musical soundtrack by Kerry Muzzey and Fight Choreography by Robert Shook, this production features James Thomasson & Anna Wallace in the title roles, supported by the stellar TheatreiNQ Ensemble including Brendan O'Connor (Lord Capulet) Arminelle Fleming (Lady Capulet) Ron Pulman (Tybalt) Michael Gleeson (Mercutio) Terri Brabon (The Nurse) and marks the return of Syd Brisbane from Melbourne to play Friar Laurence.

The Creative Team - Cast
Romeo Montague
James Thomasson
Juliet Capulet Anna Wallace

The Montague Household

Lord Montague Michael Sams
Lady Montague Kellie Esling
Benvolio (Romeo's Cousin) Lachlan Stevenson
Balthasar (Romeo's Page) Joshua Smith
Abram (Romeo's Freind) Adam Davey
Anthony (Romeo's Friend) Byron Lankester-Howells
Emilia (Mercutio's Girlfriend) Shai Regan
Miranda (Benvolio's Girlfriend) Kate Retski

The Capulet Household

Lord Capulet Brendan O'Connor
Lady Capulet Arminelle Fleming
Tybalt (Juliet's Cousin) Ron Pulman
Nurse (Juliet's Maid) Terri Brabon
Peter (Lord Capulet's Servant) John Goodson
Sampson (A Servant) Laurence Page
Gregory (A Servant) Sam Picken
Nell (A Servant) Carla Lejarrage
Anjelica (A Servant) Samara Sutton-Baker
Celia (A Servant) Emma Montafia
Isabella (A Servant) Taylah Smith

The Prince's Household

Prince Escalus Robert Street
Mercutio (His Nephew) Michael Gleeson
Paris (His Kinsman) Michael Doris

The Watch
Meg Bowden Annie Neville
Kate Retzki Emma Lamberton
Friar Laurence Syd Brisbane
Sister John Emily Edwards


Emma Lamberton Emma Smith
The Creative Team - Production
Director Terri Brabon
Lighting Operator Thomas Roach
Sound Operator Anne-Marie Smith

Stage Management Alex Maloney
Stage Management Chris Nobile
Crew Michelle Rigby
Event Co-Ordinator Kellie Esling

Event Team Michelle Jones
Event Team Tina Porta
Event Team Clint Smith
Set Design Brendan O'Connor
Set Design Andre Reynaud
Set Construction Brendan O'Connor
Painting Samara Sutton-Baker
Painting Kathy Brabon
Painting Brendan O'Connor
Painting Alma Sinclair
Production Assistant Syd Brisbane
Production Assistant Emily Edwards
Production Assistant Emma Lamberton
Production Assistant James Thomasson
Production Assistant Anna Wallace
Swords Clint Smith
Fight Choreography Brendan O'Connor
Fight Choreography Ron Pulman
Fight Choreography Robert Shook
Set Materials Robbie Esling
Lighting Design Alex Maloney
Lighting Design Chris Nobile
Lighting Design Thomas Roach
Sound Design Terri Brabon
Props Manager Susie Brabon
Props Assistant Emma Montafia
Costumes Kathy Brabon
Costumes Terri Brabon
Costume Assistant Meg Bowden
Costume Assistant Kellie Esling
Costume Assistant Shai Regan
Jewellery Ann O'Connor
Hairdressers Kerry Santariga
Hairdressers Robert Street
Programme Anne-Marie Smith
Graphic Design Anne-Marie Smith
The Bridge Project Mentor Amba-Crystal Pummeroy
The Bridge Project Mentor Jamie Schmidt
Original Song "Whisper" Elle Graham
Musical Score Kerry Muzzey

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