When his younger sister, Stacy, wants to check out the rave scene, ben knows he'll have to watch out for her. Tonight, she's going to drop her first ecstasy pill. Later, Ben will struggle to forgive himself while his mother retreats into the church for solace. But the time will come, when they will all have to face the truth about that night.

TheatreiNQ's third instalment of the Wizardz of Aus series, X-Stacy marks Arminelle Fleming's directorial debut for the company. Featuring John Goodson and Kellie Esling alongside the hot, young talent from TheatreiNQ's The Bridge Project, X-Stacy is a vital morality tale told with heartbreaking honesty about families, music, rave culture and ecstasy – in all its forms.

The Creative Team - The Cast
The Cast
Ben James Thomasson
Stacy Brittany Santariga
Anne Kellie Esling
Jenna Keely Williams
Fergus Jayden Popik
Father Paul John Goodson
Zoe Joanne Renton
Ensemble: Michael Doris
  Brie Jurss
  Emma Lamberton
  Badaidilaga Maftuh-Flynn
  Jesse Morgan
  Brigitte Mullen
  Samara Sutton-Baker
  Declan Tuttle
The Creative Team - Production
Directed By Arminelle Fleming
Stage Manager Amba-Crystal Pummeroy
Lighting Arminelle Fleming
  Amba-Crystal Pummeroy
Set Design & Construction JohnRobertson
  Robbie Esling
Production Assistant Kellie Esling
  Anne-Marie Smith
Sound Operator Anne-Marie Smith
Sound Design Terri Brabon
Stacy's Theme "Above The Sky" from the album "Whisper" by Elle Graham

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