2012 When The Rain Stops Falling

This critically acclaimed play traces four generations of the same family through a trail of love, loss, abandonment and consequence.
This is an incredibly clever, moving and compelling story of family and the history that binds us all.

The Creative Team - The Cast
The Cast
Gabriel York 2039 (50) Brendan O'Connor
Andrew Price 2039 (28) Daniel Mulvihill
Henry Law (1956 London) 40's  Brendan O'Connor
Elizabeth Law (1956 London) 30's Terri Brabon
Elizabeth Law (1988) 60's Beth Honeycombe
Gabriel Law (1988) 28 Daniel Mulvihill
Gabrielle York (younger) 24 Aus Madeline Dyer
Gabrielle York (2013) 50 Lisa Edmond
Joe Ryan (2013) 50 Brian Edmond
The Creative Team - Production
Director Terri Brabon
Director's Assistant Kellie Esling
Stage Manager Arminelle Fleming
Assistant Stage Manager Amba Pommeroy
Multi-Media Design Peter Jepson
Multi-Media Design Finn Buckle
Lighting & Set Design / Construction Brendan O'Connor
Costume Design Kathy Brabon
Props Manager Susan Brabon
The Bridge Project - Production Assistants Jayden Popik
  Joanne Renton
  Brittany Santariga
The Bridge Project - Stage Management Assistants James Thomasson
  Badaidalaga Maftuh-Flynn
  Sarah Murr
The Bridge Project - Set & Lighting Assistants Joseph Hallows
The Bridge Project - Costume & Props Assistants Cameron Hooper
JCU Secondment Emma Lamberton
JCU Secondment Sarah Burnie

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