Falstaff ( a disastrously over-weight knight) is down on his luck and down on his last penny. So he devises to seduce not one, but two of the wealthiest wives in Windsor. Laughter reigns supreme in this light- hearted comedy where feminine wisdom triumphs over a jealous husband and an over-rated suitor.


From the team that brought you RICHARD III, this production promises to be a web of merriment as we present one of Shakespeare's most popular comedies.

Directed by Terri Brabon, featuring John Goodson, Brendan O'Connor, Bernie Lanigan, Arminelle Fleming, Madonna Davies and Anna Wallace.


The Creative Team - The Cast
The Cast

The Ford House

Master Frank Ford Brendan O'Connor
Mistress Alice Ford Arminelle Fleming

The Page House

Master George Page D'Arcy Mullamphy
Mistress Meg Page Terri Brabon
Anne Page (Their Daughter) Anna Wallace
Georgia Page (Their Daughter) Taylah Smith
Maggie Page (Their Daughter) Emma Smith

The Windsor Residents

Justice Shallow Ray Dickson
Abraham Slender (His Nephew) James Thomasson
Fenton (Suitor to Anne) Campbell Smith
Host Of The Garter Inn Ron Pulman
Sir Hugh Evans (A Welsh Priest) Todd Barty
Doctor Caius (A French Doctor) Bernie Lanigan
Mistress Quickly (Dr Caius's Maid) Madonna Davies
Jack Rugby (Dr Caius's Servant) Hayden Crespan
Peter Simple (Servant To Slender) Joseph Hallows
Kate Dimm (Servant To Anne Page) Brittany Santariga
Windsor Children: Charlotte Davies
  Arabella Galt
  Holly Galt
  Katelyn Heferen
  Megan Heferen

The Visitors

Sir John Falstaff John Goodson
Nim Nick Christie
Pistol Jonathon Brown
Robin Joshua Smith

The Serviettes

Poshette Sandy Neal
Babette Rachel Cairns
Gingette Kelly-Louise Marsden
Scarette Rita Neale
Sportette Debbie Clements
Overette Sarah Muir
The Creative Team - Production
Director Terri Brabon
Production Co-Ordinator Katie Boyd
Event Co-Ordinator Kellie Esling
Set Design/Construction Brendan O'Connor
Materials/Construction Robbie Esling (Townsville Tops & Finishes)
Lighting Design Katie Boyd
Sound Design Terri Brabon
Costumes Terri Brabon
  Kathy Brabon
Prop Manager Susie Brabon
Jewellery Ann O'Connor of O'Connor Studios
Millinery Lauren Burbidge of Testa Bella Designs
Vocal Director Sandra Neal
Lyrical Arrangements Terri Brabon
Lighting Operator Chris Nobile
Crew Thomas Roach
Brama Coach (Children) Michelle Jones
Education Kit Terri Brabon/Todd Barty
Programme Terri Brabon/Anne-Marie Smith

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